“Go and Snow” business in Sweden

Colleagues in the industry affectionately refer to quick in and out business trips as a “splash and dash” – even (incredibly) to Australia and back in 72hrs from the UK, but my trip to Stockholm this week has been more “Go and Snow!”. Our Northern Europe and Scandinavia team had arranged a tight schedule of five meetings in one afternoon and evening – a 20 hour round trip including an overnight stay. I knew things would be busy, especially walking the pavements with ice and snow from meeting to meeting, but Stockholm CC is easy to get into using the 200 kmph Arlanda Express – and thankfully most real estate companies are within a 600m radius. It turned out to be an inspirational visit, seeing a couple of new contacts made at MAPIC, as well as existing clients and older contacts. These meetings, conversations and discussions have given our business an even deeper understanding of real–estate requirements and objectives in this extraordinary market place. Structured and strong marketing communications is high on their agenda. The real estate market is relatively small across Scandinavia but highly

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active at present. Interestingly, there is just one or two degrees of separation between businesses, projects and consultants here, making reputation and relationships a fundamental part of their business and day to day working practice. The best thing is that the atmosphere is one of collaboration and of welcome – far from the closed shop seen in some other regions around the world. Many occupiers and investors are sitting up and wanting a piece of Scandinavia, which is great to see. If you are looking for a foothold or share of voice in this market, do get in touch with any one in our Northern Europe and Scandinavia team – Sara Henriksson, Merete Svendsen or myself, Dan Innes. Happy Christmas from snowy Stockholm! Dan Innes, Managing Director

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