Innovate or Procrastinate? – Berlin Forum

The retail real estate industry has never been more open to disruptive change and innovation. In a fast, and ever-changing market, retailers, owners and managers must be conscious and receptive to exploring new, creative and innovative trends to ensure they stay afloat. This is where, dare I say it, ‘thinking outside the box’ is crucial and an awareness of an increasingly demanding and fickle consumer is paramount to success. So, what does a consumer need from a retailer or their local venue? What will the consumer of the future really want? How are retailers adapting? And, how can destinations themselves adapt to these shifting sands? It’s no secret that smart retail destinations can really enhance a place, town or city – so how must this new generation of innovative mixed-use developments market themselves?

All these questions, and more, will be debated, discussed and explored at the ICSC Retail Real Estate Innovation Forum in Berlin next week – on 12-13 September. Bringing together the “best of the best” retail real estate thought leaders, the forum will explore innovation and how to forecast what will really matter. Amongst the speakers will be James Raynor, CEO of Grosvenor Europe (Innesco client), who will be discussing how retail is a catalyst for urban growth and Matt Alagiah, Business Editor at MONOCLE who will moderate the panel.

See you there for what will be a thought provoking and inspiring event!

Dan Innes

Managing Director & Founder, Innesco

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