The 100 most influential Twitter accounts in UK retail

For many of us social media is now part of our daily routine. And, let’s be honest, most of us are all partial to checking a social media channel from time to time whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, even if it’s just to be a voyeur rather than actually posting content. We want to feel connected and informed. However, it’s fair to say that for people in many industries, including PR, social media is an invaluable and intrinsic way of getting fast news updates, especially when you are on the go.

Twitter is a particularly important social media channel for me. Founded 11 years ago, the online news and social networking service has grown rapidly with over 500 million tweets being sent every day. Even Donald Trump – love him or loathe him – is an active tweeter, and who doesn’t love an update from the Palace or from the Mayor of London?

So, I’m really proud to have been recently named in the top 100 most influential Twitter accounts in UK retail, for the second year running. Compiled by Lissted I’m in great company alongside the likes of Retail Week, John Lewis (the actual retailer rather than that poor American guy), H&M and Harry Wallop, to name a few.

For me tweeting is a way of sharing relevant and engaging content I see in my day to day life, whether it be from a conference, a working trip or just my own insights over the weekend. It allows me to interact with people right across the industry and further afield, as well as people I might not otherwise meet. The international community is trimmer for me as a result. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to share successes, news and updates.

Some people question whether Twitter has had its day, but with new features and updates being added all the time – including the new 280 character trial I’m using  – I totally disagree and I continue to be a huge fan.

So on that note you can find me tweeting at @DanInnes and you can find the Innesco team at @Inn_Tweets. Follow, get engaged and join the conversation!

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