After the Afterparty – Revo, Liverpool.

What happens next for Retail? Bankers, Analysts, Fund managers and Landlords are all scratching their heads, juggling yields, bond markets, and of course the dreaded political risk – as general global economic “disappointment” has caused something of a paralysis across markets. However, interest rates are causing something of a cause of hope, and opening new lines of investment which could see movement in the market. And there is light at the end of the Mersey Tunnel this week, as the Revo conference gathers the industry’s best thinkers and most proactive players in Liverpool to mull over what some describe as “blood in the streets” – whilst optimists describe it in Star Trek fashion as “It’s still retail, just not as we know it”.


There is a full programme of seminars, roundtables and keynotes covering the current malaise, and how market leaders see a way through to brighter skies and calmer waters. As an agency, we see the future belonging to the bold and the brave. It is possible to take a pragmatic view of the “uncontrollables” such as politics and economics, but to position your project or business for growth. Working smart is a frequent topic, and we are collaborating with some exceptional businesses and advisors in this space, not least Maybe*, CACI, LDC, Retail Trust, Insite Food, and eLocations – all looking at the industry with fresh eyes and with new perspectives on our direction, and where opportunity, growth and value lies.


There are five of us from Innesco attending Revo this year, covering off client work for the likes for Capital & Regional and Hines, as well as exploring new avenues to support new town/city masterplans, leasing and investment campaigns for growing projects, scheme launches and management of existing shopping places. We see the event as an excellent opportunity away from London to promote and debate key corporate and project themes, such as innovation and the future of retail – embodied in projects such as Hines’ Cherrywood town centre in Dublin. To cap it all, we are co-hosting a private Afterparty with our friends at CACI – so hopefully you’ll sport one of our wristbands tonight! It’s what happens after the Afterparty that counts of course!

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