Counting down the days – MIPIM 2017

While our suitcases aren’t even fully unpacked from MAPIC 2016 yet [click here to see our MAPIC film], our sights and agendas are already firmly set on preparations for our next trip to Cannes. This Sunday marks 100 days until MIPIM 2017 – coined as “the world’s leading property market”, and the Innesco team will be represented in full.

The four-day event (read five) runs from 14-17 March, and is an all-encompassing gathering of the property industry’s foremost leaders across all sectors ranging from commercial to investment. As our 10th year attending MIPIM, we know to expect a rewarding schedule – discerning panel discussions, engaging networking events, and revealing insight from the top players in our field. We are particularly focused on the insight the event gives us all – informing our decisions for clients in the weeks and months ahead.

Although this year’s event presents some uncertainty as major macroeconomic and global factors begin to develop revealing a changing international playing field, more tangible results are beginning to surface since the EU referendum decision, the US Presidential Election, UK business rates and the forthcoming European elections – notably France. If anything these recent factors make MIPIM all that more necessary, important and intriguing for the commercial real estate sector as the best in the business and captains of industry shed light and show their leadership on these more uncertain factors and the road ahead. Furthermore, the 2017 event’s theme is “A New Deal For Real Estate”, which will aim to address the impact of recent “geo-political and economic challenges facing the real estate industry” and identify potential new avenues for growth, stakeholders and opportunities. 

Please contact our office if you require assistance for MIPIM – a robust and proactive action plan for the event will allow you to make the most of this once-a-year opportunity to access the market. You can also follow developments in the run up to MIPIM by following @MIPIMworld on Twitter, as well as our regular Innesco social feed at @Inn_Tweets.


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