How LinkedIn’s new updates help small businesses

As the use of social media for all industries continues to rise, it becomes vital for businesses to stay up to date about the platforms. While recent weeks have been abuzz with news about Facebook’s attempts to win its users’ trust again with new functions and programs, LinkedIn has been quietly adding new helpful features to improve its product. This week, the network has tweaked its algorithm to generate more engagements on users’ posts after it found that people were posting fewer updates as they saw fewer interactions.

How does it impact businesses? Well, with 567m users every day, LinkedIn is the first channel that brands use to distribute B2B content. Across all social media platforms, the network proves to be more efficient in the content marketing mix – 80% of B2B leads come straight from LinkedIn according to stats. Its expansive reach can make B2B content visible to a large targeted audience, however, with the old feed model, viral posts were taking over feeds and drowning out posts from closer connections. This posed a problem as getting feedback is a motivational boost for marketers to continue posting their content.

Now, the smarter feed model ensures equality among all members of the network. Does this make the platform more attractive for content distribution? Absolutely. This change could help small companies’ updates to appear at the top of a member’s feed.

LinkedIn has taken another initiative this week that could also help boost exposure on the platform with the option to display a ‘Follow’ button, as opposed to the current ‘Connect’ on the profile page. This particular update is easy to miss since it is only available on the mobile app (for now) where it has to be triggered by the user. It can be found via the privacy tab in the settings – look for the ‘who can follow you’ option.

Regardless of your business’s content strategy, both of these tools are incredibly valuable and worth consideration. Drop us a line if you’re looking to fine-tune your digital strategy further. As always, we’re keeping a close eye on new developments in the social media sphere so we can help our clients do better business.

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