Even before Covid struck, we knew that this new era of working required both agility and adaptabilityBut now, when evaluating not only how to make the right business decisions, but also how to communicate effectively in this brave digital-first world, we need to adapt our strategy towards modern, integrated campaigns.
Now the world has gone digital-first, what makes a business stand out? And what is it that makes them attractive to potential clients (both today and in the future)? There have never been more channels to reach clients than today, and clients have never been more discerning -or more demanding- than today, expecting businesses to exhibit values in line with their own. 
Today, we would advocate that thought leadership is the single most efficient way for businesses to give added value to clients, demonstrating their expertise and showcasing the values they stand for. It allows them to create a meaningful context for their business and to articulate their success. More so, thought leadership is versatile – it can be adapted to various platforms and communications channels. It can be presented in many formats; in research reports, videos, blog posts, essays and webinars, to mention but a few. And when content is king – that counts!
When an entire sector needs leadership, where do you turn? ​It’s encouraging to see national thought leadership being taken to the European stage.​ The European Council of Shopping Places (the team formerly known as ICSC Europe) relaunched with a new website this week — gathering Europe’s major retail-led landlords into a cohesive lobby. Most recently the ECSP wrote to the European Commission to draw its attention to the fact that commercial rent laws were being amended in a growing number of Member States, in particular the hot topic of rental payments in the retail sector that can be cancelled or postponed during the pandemic – something which is concerning landlords not just in the UK but right across Europe. They give the fractured and pressured retail landlords and REITs a united voice at a difficult time for the sector.​
It’s the responsibility of a great agency to help organisations not only recognise the wealth of skills, knowledge and value that it has at its fingertips, in the shape of its employees and management structure, but also to emphasise the value in letting others in on their success. In typical British fashion we tend to cringe at showing off our achievements and wealth of knowledge but it’s perfectly fine to brag (humbly) and educate, inform and entertain existing and potential clients.
In this digital, post-Covid world, you’d have to ask yourself – if your organisation isn’t showing strong leadership by investing time and resource into original content, then what are they doing?
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