Innesco World Cup Fever

Here at Innesco it is hard to get excited about teams from countries where we don’t yet do any business. We are of course following teams where we have schemes, clients, or new business – which is making for an exciting and busy tournament!

The opening day didn’t start well with France drawing with Uruguay (mais non!), then Greece lost to South Korea, upsetting the team at MGPA at PruFrock. The main event was of course England’s opening game with USA, where we do no business – but where our friends at the ICSC are based, but we still expected more than a draw. England expects!

This Friday’s match against Algeria brings two of our Innesco countries together, with North Africa and Algeria’s emerging shopping centre market proving attractive to more and more investors – but I don’t suggest we’ll be ditching the George Cross for the Red Star and Crescent just yet.

With our friends in Russia not qualifying this year, Innesco can still look to other big footballing nations on our teamsheet like Brazil, Italy, Germany and Portugal for fireworks. If England does survive Round C after our shaky start, then we will be straight in with potentially Germany or even Australia – so we’ll either upset some of our German staff, or our clients at Westfield back in Sydney! Secretly I think we’d prefer to take on the Socceroos and laugh it off in our next Stratford meeting. We’ll see.

Dan Innes, Managing Director

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