It’s #Week34 – and “Time waits for no man”

Hello everyone! – It’s #Week34 and many of you are still busy enjoying the last few days of your holiday. Maybe these have been spent in the back garden, on a staycation, or perhaps you’ve run the gauntlet on which countries would stay safe to return from with no quarantine? It’s been especially difficult with France, Croatia, the Netherlands and Monaco recently being added to Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Andorra and the Bahamas, all of which lost their travel corridors with the UK in the last few weeks. I’ve actually managed two work trips in the last month – to Paris (before quarantine rules were imposed)- and earlier this week I went to #Athens (Greece still holding on to its safe travel corridor). Despite everything, it is certainly possible to work safely within the regulations.

What once were quiet summer months have this year proved unusually active (for us as well) with many property companies recognising that “time waits for no man” and that teams would only be delaying the inevitable if they were to leave it to the traditional September “back to school” time. This is especially true of international businesses, with offices across different countries and continents, stepping up to trigger some action and activity – to be “battle-ready” for the post-Covid markets, or at least to mitigate the impacts. These past few weeks companies have been working flat out to keep their heads above water, reviewing asset management and marketing plans and putting their fingers on where changes and adjustments are needed.

The US often leads the way, and the repurposing of department stores stepped up again this week with the suggestion that @SimonPropertyGp could convert its @jcpenney stores into @amazon distribution stores. #Repurposing is something I think we are all getting used to now – after all, @blackrock entered that market some five years ago.@Apple hasn’t been letting the grass grow under its feet during the pandemic with its $2 trillion USD valuation either, a figure that can be conveniently compared to the UK government debt, which exceeded £2 trillion GBP ($2.6 trillion USD) for the first time this week.

Added to all this activity is the development and adoption of new and varied ‘back to the office’ plans – the ‘Threedom of Work’ from @HUGOBOSS, or the 50/50 or 3:2 rules, where teams are separated through different days in the office. Whatever model we choose, it is clear that this autumn will continue to show great changes in the way we work. What will it look like for you? Have a great weekend, Dan Innes. Founder, Innesco

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