The importance of digital marketing in ‘Covid World’

In times of crisis companies are known to cut activities that are considered “unnecessary”. Digital marketing often falls within this category – and yet we live in a world where the web is arguably the most valuable channel for reaching customers with your key messages.

As fairs, conferences, workshops and the like have been postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, and even as face to face meetings are becoming positively utopian, we are now left with our digital network of contacts and an unprecedented opportunity to make it work limitlessly. Virtual means represent our main road to communicate with our target audience, who is likely to be more receptive because of new working conditions; staying at home, on their computer or with a smartphone in hand. Digital marketing will be key to getting out of Covid-19, with all its limitations, even stronger than before.

Trying to recover from the shock of seeing thousands of euros invested every year on exhibition space sliding away, companies and entrepreneurs need to seriously think about a digital transformation, not only in regards to human resources but also for all the other activities of the company, including advertising and promotion.

Virtual networks, in this sense, offer many great alternatives. There is of course social media, from those most suitable for B2B, such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, ideal for addressing the final consumer, or Twitter, to speak to the wider industry and other thought leaders. Given that there is a solution for every need, all that remains is to intercept the needs of the target, decide the objectives, create the strategy and put this into practice in a professional, consistent and effective way.

We know that even when the worst is over, the return to our “normal” life will be quite gradual and not that easy: how long will it really take to feel totally comfortable in shaking a potential client’s hands, without them first thinking of sanitising themselves with a potent gel before buying your product or service? Online channels have the advantage of promoting social distancing but, at the same time, allowing you to be visible out there and sell to the best of your ability.

Now is the time to wise up and realise that digital communications strategies are the key to business growth in the current climate. You could start by working on existing channels, such as social pages or the company blog, by inserting new content designed to intercept customers or reassure those already existing during this difficult period. Believe it; your online presence will be recognised and appreciated by your stakeholders.

Further, many events companies have adapted their formats to fit the virtual realm, inviting members to participate remotely and, at the same time, try something new! The number of rescheduled online events is increasing – among them the RLI and EG Awards in the real estate sector which will be hosted virtually for the first time this year.

The opportunities for virtual engagement are ripe for the taking. Remember, this is nothing new, but rather another trend that has been accelerated by Covid-19 and will continue to grow in significance long after the pandemic is over. With this in mind, use this opportunity to transform and grow the digital arm of your business. Invest in new tools and digital marketing training and expertise, lead your competitors in your digital capabilities, and set yourself on virtual path to success.

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